Creating A Perfect Lawn For Your Home

Creating A Perfect Lawn For Your Home

Your home is the heart and soul of the body – a place for rejuvenating the mind, the soul and the body. Most homes will have all the qualities that make life bearable for a human being. Among such qualities is the external environment, which plays a crucial role in making a lavish home. People have various life preferences for home qualities, designs and other stuff.

The lawn is one of the external home environmental factors that many people like. However, their perception of the lawn and its maintenance is dictated by the recommendations of the professional lawn-maintenance people. It is not bad to follow what they tell you to do about lawn-maintenance. In mere terms, lawn keeping and maintenance is not a rocket-science activity but the usual common botanical knowledge you have. Here are some easy ways you can use to transform your lawn into an amazing view:

· Using the fertilizer

The general belief that many people have is that the more you frequently fertilize your lawn, the higher the chances of making it thrive. On the contrary, you do not have to put fertilizer on the grass every now and then. Actually, too much fertilizer can harm the grass and lead to rapid growth of weeds. Using the fertilizer once in a while will make the plants less susceptible to harmful diseases and insects. Incidentally, you do not always have to rely on chemical fertilizers for great results. Try out the organic fertilizers and you will be in for a surprise.

· Forget about the “cides”

The soil has tiny microbes that enable it to be fit enough for the plants to absorb all the nutrients. In addition, other living organisms play a role in soil aeration and enhancing plant proliferation such as earthworms. Whenever you use the pesticides, fungicides and the insecticides, you run a risk of harming these useful organisms. Therefore, you need to understand the ways of maintaining healthier grass that is resistant to weeds and pests.

· Healthy grass

You can tell a healthy grass just by looking at it. Healthy grass offer a spectacular view, which many business people and politicians often find useful for putting yard signs to reach out to people and meet their objectives. To raise and keep healthy grass, you should understand that tall grass is more preferable to short grass. Tall grass is healthy because it has large leaves easily exposable to the sun for acquiring energy needed for photosynthesis. It helps in shedding out weed seeds thus averting their chances of sprouting and spreading. They provide shade to the soil keeping it moist and triggering soil microbes’ proliferation. Most importantly, they enable deeper penetration of the roots which is key to prevent grass wilting in dry seasons.

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