Creating an Organic Lawn

Creating an Organic Lawn

Do you believe that you can’t have an amazing yard without using chemicals? I’m going to blow that out of the water. You can have a beautiful, amazing yard that will amaze your chemically treated neighbors! I’m sure you’ve seen an overtreated chemical yard before. It gets brown because they put too much down. With organic lawns, you will never see that. You can’t overtreat with organic products. A chemically treated yard wreaks havoc on our environment. You don’t need insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides to have a gorgeous lawn.

A lot of the chemicals we put on our lawn doesn’t even get used by our lawn. A scary fact is that 40-60% of nitrogen from fertilizer runs off or leaches away and ends up in ground or surface water. In the US alone, 60-70 million birds die from pesticide poisoning each year. Chemical fertilizers can cause a lot of damage to your soil. They kill the living organisms, beneficial insect and bacteria populations that help make your soil healthy. They actually cause an overgrowth of harmful bacteria.

We have the wrong mind-set when it comes to our lawn. We think we should be treating the grass, when in fact, we should be treating our soil. If our soil is healthy, our lawn will be healthy. Using worm tea is a great way to create a healthy soil. Worm tea adds bacteria, fungi, acinomycetes, and protozoa to the soil. The beneficial aerobic bacteria, fungi, protozoa, inoculants, and nematodes help with greater root depth and extension, better resistance to disease and pests and healthier, hardier plants. It outperforms chemical fertilizers. Worm tea is created from worm castings that are brewed in an aerobic oxygenation process which causes proliferous growth of beneficial aerobic microorganisms and gets rid of harmful ones. The microorganisms in worm tea cause an increase in plant growth, healthier, more disease and pest resistant plants, bigger fruits and vegetables, and higher production. Now, that’s what I call an organic win!

You have to be patient when changing over to an organic lawn. It isn’t perfected overnight. It will take time to help rid your soil of all the harmful chemicals you have treated it with in the past. In the long run, it will all be worth it. You will be helping the environment and saving money on not having to buy all those harmful chemicals. It is a great idea to overseed your lawn. When grass is thick and healthy, weeds can’t grow. It is best to do this in the fall. Spraying your lawn with worm tea will help your soil become healthier and your plants will have a deeper root system, therefore using less water. Mowing your lawn at the proper height is also a great way to keep a healthy lawn. Set your mower blade at the highest setting and make sure your blades are sharp. Don’t bag your clippings. Leaving them on your lawn adds valuable organic matter to the soil and about 2 pounds of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet each season. Now, go out there and create the perfect organic lawn for both you and the environment.

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