Is a Garden Space Still Important for a New Construction House?

Is a Garden Space Still Important for a New Construction House?

The demand for new construction homes continues to soar as many young professionals realize the importance of securing their future. Location and beauty are two primary factors that affect the decisions of first time home buyers. Location refers to proximity to various important places like job sites, schools, churches, markets, and healthcare facilities. Beauty refers to the appeal imparted by the design inside and outside of the house. Internal beauty is obtained with the colors given by paint and by the functionality given by the furniture and fixtures found on its parts. External beauty commonly refers to the appeal as imparted by garden, lawns, and other external decors. But in today’s world where houses increase in prices, do garden spaces still matter?

Considering the string of benefits that garden spaces bring, many home developers are still in consensus that they are still important elements of new construction homes. One benefit that is obviously obtained in garden spaces is the additional beauty it gives to the outside of the house. Isn’t it very refreshing to see colorful flowers swaying to the gentle blow of the wind while you stare at them from your veranda? Perhaps you’ll love the fresh air that small trees and shrubs give as you conduct a family picnic in your roofed patio.

Garden spaces can be located on the front yard. This is the very common plan imposed by developers. Gardens of this type are where ornamental plants are generally grown. Backyard gardens are typically planted with vegetable and fruit-bearing plants. Considering the variety of plants you can grow on your garden space, you’ll have the additional benefit of having a source of fresh flowers for decoration. You can also harvest fresh fruits and vegetables and include them in your meals and drinks. If you are business-minded, you can also make them as additional sources of income.

Gardens and lawns are also important in the ventilation of the house. As players of the carbon-oxygen cycle, the plants in them contribute to fresh air that can circulate in your house. The trees and shrubs provide natural shade and help you keep refreshed on warm days.

On other insight, appealing and well-maintained gardens and lawns can actually contribute to higher market value of a house. Why? Because many home buyers who purchase second homes for use as rental homes or vacation houses look for the green appeal. Thus, the more beautiful and maintained a garden is, the more it can contribute to upgrading a home’s market value.

If you are on the process of looking for a new construction home, make sure that it has plans for a garden or a lawn. A home with a garden will reward you with benefits in terms of eco-beauty appeal.

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