Lawn Vacuums

Lawn Vacuums

Raking leaves and other debris from a lawn can be backbreaking work. With the use of lawn vacuums, this work is so much easier. These are electrical devices that will clean up your lawn in much the same way a vacuum cleaner cleans the carpeting in your home. They have a rolling mechanism that rolls over the lawn picking up debris as it does so. There are different sizes of vacuums for lawns, ranging in wattage from 500 to 1000 watts. Of course, it is only common sense that the higher the wattage, the more power the vacuum will have.

Some of the components of these devices include:
* High torque electric motors
* Small suction fans
* Bags for collecting the debris
* Exterior suction pipes that protrude from the vacuum

The pipes are larger than what you find on a household vacuum cleaner because the debris is also larger. If you do use a smaller pipe, this will increase the likelihood of some piece of garbage blocking the suction of the pipe.

Have you ever wondered how the maintenance crew of a golf course keep the grass so clean? Well, they use vacuums to make sure there is nothing getting in the way of the balls. There are larger versions of these vacuums that you can attach behind a lawn tractor to collect the clippings and debris, which enables you to do all the work at the same time. You can even attach it to an all-terrain vehicle if you have a large lawn, but you do have to look at the damage the tires will do to the grass.

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