Planning Board Recap: Cornell academic building, apartments

Planning Board Recap: Cornell academic building, apartments

ITHACA, NY.—It was a busy meeting for the city of Ithaca Planning and Development Board last night. Three projects, one on Cornell’s campus and a pair of infill housing developments, got the vote of approval from the planning board, while four others had varying receptions as they shared their planned and made efforts to move forward in the Site Plan Review process.

As always, here’s your monthly summary courtesy of the Voice. For those who like to have the playbill on hand for reference, the 193-page agenda for the meeting can be found in PDF form here. Quick programming note, two of the board members, Chair Robert Lewis and Vice-Chair Elisabete Godden, were absent, so member Emily Petrina served as acting chair for the five members present.

Subdivision Review

First up were lot subdivision reviews—these are when property lots in the city, technically known as parcels, seek legal reconfiguration, which could be anything from being split up into two or more plots, reshaped or consolidated from multiple lots back into one parcel.

House Plans