Potting Shed Tips and Options

Potting Shed Tips and Options

Are you into gardening and would like to set up a potting shed for your plants and gardening supplies? A potting shed is a dream come true for any gardening enthusiast – whether you are just beginning to appreciate growing things or already a bit more experienced in that department. Potting sheds come in different forms, each of them unique. However, all well-equipped sheds come with common characteristics.

By definition, a potting shed is a small outlying building set up mainly for gardening activities. It is not necessarily the garden itself; a potting shed may be the core and center of your garden. Its main purpose is to provide shelter so you can do your gardening more comfortably. It would also the best place to keep your gardening tools and supplies.

Shed construction differs depending on every person. You may opt for traditional wooden potting sheds that come with beams or the more modern prefabricated lean-to garden sheds readily available in online stores today. Common materials used in building sheds are metal, plastic, vinyl, or a combination of any of the three.

More Options for Your Potting Shed

Comfort and convenience should be your topmost priorities in having a potting shed installed or set up. The type of shed you build must be able to withstand weather and natural conditions in your area, allow you to conduct your daily activities smoothly, and serve other purposes you have in mind. For better convenience, you might want to take a look at other optional parts you may want for your very own shed.

Potting bench. A proper potting bench is almost a necessity in any shed designed for potted plants. Any table will do as long as you can work comfortably while in standing position. You can easily buy ready-made potting benches or make one of your own if you have some time and lumber to spare. You may also have a stool or a chair to accompany the potting bench.

Windows. You might want to consider having your potting shed fitted with windows to allow enough sunlight for your potted plants. Windows invite rays of sunshine and cool breezes to soothe you during warm afternoons.

Lighting. Adequate light is needed in potting sheds to help you handle tiny seeds and seedlings. When you feel like working on a downcast day or when after the sun has set, you can do so freely without having to bother with lamps or candles. A fluorescent light, which is not going to cost you a little more than a few dollars, would suffice.

As a storage space, a potting shed makes a safe and secure place to store your hand tools, gardening equipment, and gardening supplies. Have a reliable lock system installed to for added protection. You have to exert some effort in organizing everything so that traffic routes are smooth and clutter is avoided.

For instance, it is best to hang large hand tools like rakes and hoes so they do not get in the way. Stow your lawnmowers and other large equipment near the backdoor, should your shed have one, so they can easily be rolled out when needed. You may add shelves and huge plastic buckets to store fertilizers, sprayers, kneeling pads, smaller tools, potting soil, and other useful items.

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