What Happens if You Don’t Clean Your Boat?

What Happens if You Don’t Clean Your Boat?

Boats that spend most time in water have to deal with marine life and barnacle buildup.

These unwanted guests can slow down the boat and can cause damage to the hull over time. If not cleaned regularly with regular painting intervals, the cleaning routine will not be complete.

What Is Hull Cleaning? Why Is It Important?

Fouling can cause serious damage if it isn’t addressed. Fouling, also known as biofouling or accumulating sea life on a boat’s surface is a problem. A boat can become slowed down by barnacles and sea life, and overheat or block its intakes. This can lead to fuel consumption and engine damage.

Cleaning the hull is not enough. It is important to also clean and maintain propellers, shafts and running gear.

Hull cleaning involves removing sea life from the hull and de-fouling it. You can clean the boat’s bottom in or out of water.

Problems That Might Occur

  1. Corrosion of metal surfaces due to salt and grime buildup
  2. Reduced performance due to dirt and marine growth on the hull
  3. Damage to the hull due to marine growth and barnacles
  4. Decreased fuel efficiency due to marine growth and drag
  5. Potential health hazards due to mold and bacteria buildup on the interior surfaces of the boat.

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