Your Garden Is Your Saviour

Your Garden Is Your Saviour

It is hard for me to understand how anyone can live in an apartment surrounded by bricks and concrete. My life has been one where a garden is an essential part of it. Seeing plants grow and thrive is a great pleasure and more important is the food produced with little effort and few chemicals. This is a rare thing these days as gardens are fast becoming a thing of the past but they don’t have to be.

What do people have against a bit of work outside in the fresh air? The main objection is time and energy. Many would rather work-out at the gym for which they pay and then buy their produce in supermarkets on the way home. This is not how the human body was meant to adapt.

No matter whether one owns their home or rents if there is some dirt somewhere around it or nearby they can have their own vegetables at least. Depending on the size of their land they can also possibly grow fruit trees, vines that produce berries, and things like strawberries. If there is no outside garden, then use pots and balconies’ to be self sustainable.

My love for gardening started young in my grandmother’s presence. She grew everything and her flowers and vegetables were delightful. When war ended children went to the movies. Time lapse photography of seeds germinating and emerging from the soil and developing into plants was the most magical thing. When all was miserable and depressed this enlightenment meant so much to the little ones who were stunned by it.

As a spiritual person with memory of reincarnation the germinating seed reminded me of my return. We have all come back and those who are spiritual are called God’s garden or vineyard. The connection between my garden and that of the Universal Spirit inspires me to do my best to use nature as my salvation. It was given to us for that purpose.

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